Online Lessons

Lets get the best from COVID-19. Lessons online work and now with over a year teaching online successfully, why not give it a try.

Online lessons, from Cambridge to anywhere.

Video calls

Using video technology we can communicate and have music lessons online. Online lessons are typically conducted over Zoom, whatsapp and facetime. As long as students have internet access and reasonable microphone and camera, lessons can be very effective online.


To facilitate payment for students abroad and in places where multiple currencies cause problems. A number of different Cryptocurrencies are accepted for lessons, including, but not limited to, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ether and Stellar. This is also available for local students, please inquire for details.

Online theory classes

Solo and group theory lessons are available online. Packages of ten lessons are available that will also include your entrance fee for ABRSM exams. Weekly programs are available that include musicianship skills, such as melodies to be answered, composing tasks, which form part of an ongoing program for advanced students.

Online gives us the potential to have lessons anywhere and pay through many different means.

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