Kwan Music  – Mission Statement

To provide top quality music tuition for students with a systematic and rigorous approach to technique, studies and articulation.

Is is unbelievable how many teachers do not include scales, arpeggios, aural and sight reading in their lessons at all or even worse just for an exam. At Kwan Music this does not happen as we teach ALL aspects of music. You will lose a game of tennis if you can’t serve. Yet in teaching music, teaching the serve tends to be forgotten and the student in the long run pays the ultimate price.

At Kwan Music we break down all the components of the musical serve and teach it with clear instructions in a fun and engaging way. We understand that you can not push students if they don’t know the basics. This general lack of understanding from other teachers and institutions only leads to the student having a lack of basic knowledge and technique.

We have 15 years of experience as a secondary school music teacher from the ages of 5-18 and over twenty years experience with one-to-one tuition. During this time my pass rate for ABRSM exams has been 100%.  To achieve and maintain our success my teaching style is engaging, fun, yet at the same time thorough and demanding on the student. Ultimately we share our love for music with the next generation through individual bespoke lessons to suit their needs, and without that musical connection little progress is made.

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